Feedback from our Patients

Wrist and Scitica Pain-Sandy Z

Thank You Ella, for giving me back my mobility.  I was very skeptical about using acupuncture but I figured I had tried other things and I did not want surgery I would give this a try.  The first two treatments were cleansing and I could feel my body relaxing (especially my back)  but my wrist was still hurting  with the tendinitis in my wrist; by the 3rd treatment it was 75 percent gone and by the fourth treatment it was totally gone with just a few twinges when the weather would get cold or damp.  Ella kept treating me so we could eliminate the root cause of my pain.  I am very active and do a lot of stooping and bending and I started to have sciatica pain in my left side Ella treated this and with 4 treatments it is all gone and has not returned.  Ella also made a very strong medicinal herb tea for me to drink which is to help with my symptoms I  have to say I am not a fan of this tea but I will do what I need to get better AND STAY THAT WAY.  I would definitely recommend acupuncture and the Medicinal Tea to anyone that would like an alternative to our Western Medicine.  Ella is a very caring and giving person if you put yourself in her hands you will get better with her help.  I am 70 years old and thou my mind says I am still 20 my body says I need all the help Ella can give me to remain active.